Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Feel fresh

Today’s markets are filled with products that promise to give the consumer that fresh, clean feeling. While many of these products will provide that freshness, adding an antiseptic liquid to bath water definitely provides the feel fresh benefit. Not only does this product provide a fresh, clean feeling, but it also provides an antiseptic healing benefit with it’s use.Photo  credit : Wikipedia

Made from Chloroxylenol 48mg/mL, this antiseptic can be used in baths, laundry and for other household cleaning to reduce bacteria and germs on surfaces. By mixing a capful, approximately 20 mL antiseptic to 400 mL of water for a ratio of 1:20, it can be used to cleanse and soothe wounds and/or bacterial infections of the skin.

When using as a laundry additive to help reduce bacterial contamination and increase the freshness of the wash, add 30 mL per load of laundry. By adding the antiseptic to diaper pails and the rinse cycles of laundry loads of baby clothes, it helps to reduce the risk of bacteria living within the diapers and clothing articles. This can help prevent some forms of diaper rash on babies. This also helps keep any bacterial infections from spreading through clothing, towels and other laundry items.

It is not recommended to add Dettol antiseptic liquid to bath water for babies under the age of 9 months. While considered to be a safe product, newborn baby skin can be extremely sensitive to chemicals of all types. Once a child has reached 9 months of age, the skin has had an opportunity to develop better and loose some of it’s original sensitivity. This antiseptic should not cause any irritation or skin reaction to older children or adults.

Pets can benefit from the use of this antiseptic as well as people. Many pets are prone to contracting bacterial infections in scratches and scraps they receive outdoors. Cleaning wounds with an antiseptic/water mixture provides relief from burning and itching to the animal and aid in the healing of wounds. Adding a capful of the liquid to a pet’s bath water can help prevent the passing of bacteria from a pet to a child or adult.
Dettol antiseptic liquid has many different ways in which it can be used and can benefit everyone. Whether adding it to laundry, bath water, diaper pails or pet baths, it can reduce the bacteria and germs which are in our immediate environments. By germ reduction and maintaining cleanliness with freshness, this antiseptic liquid helps to promote and protect good health for all who use it.


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